fitting room focus #2: i just got my nipples pierced so this was horrible

fitting room 2

I’ve tried to do another fitting room focus post a couple of times, but I always end up deleting the draft halfway through; I feel like the premise itself is more fun for me to do than for anybody to read about, but then I get irritated feeling like I need to be writing for somebody else. This is my blog and I should do what I want, and if people aren’t interested then there’s a thousand other things for them to read.

While I feel like it’s dangerous to invest too much of your personal identity into the things you buy, I also feel like sometimes there’s an element of self discovery in choosing how you/your space looks. I’m so glad I put the effort into painting my current bedroom pink before moving in, and feeling like I look good (and in a way that matches how I feel) lends an average day some positive momentum. So I feel like it’s not an exaggeration to say that trying things out in the dressing room is a way of testing personal boundaries as part of the process of self invention.

Everything here is from a local thrift shop run by a Catholic church; it’s one of my favorite thrift shops in town, although Amanda and I did have one of those moments where you realize you’re getting The Glare from some old lady peeking out behind the sweaters, which is the weird thing about being queer in 2016 in a really conservative area. Some people are so fine about it, some people are fine on the surface and weird about it in small little ways that they deny when you call them out about it, and some people are straight up like “have fun in hell.”

Anyway, here’s what I tried on:

fitting 1I had high hopes for this velvet skirt (velvet for life!!) but it wasn’t meant to be.

fit 2This lighting was weird as hell (the room was open at the top) which is why this gives off such strong vampire vibes. I’ve been trying to come up with new things to add to my shop, which is what this is for. (Not gonna say what I plan to do with it in case it doesn’t turn out though.)

fit 3

Bought this sweater for myself because it was comfortable as hell and is a great color.

fit 4Simultaneously enraged at the cut of this shirt and also very into it, not that it matters because I bought it to try to modify then sell and it’ll fit somebody else completely differently anyway.

Other finds from this trip:

  • flowery little ceramic box thing
  • jewelry box that’s in really good shape that I might cover with glitter but haven’t 100% decided about
  • shot glass that looks like a tiny mug with peaches on it

Honestly though, me even leaving the house to go out shopping was quite the ordeal; not only am I a big baby about new piercing pain, but I’ve been experiencing unusually bad premenstrual symptoms. The pill and luck means usually my periods aren’t too terribly awful (usually I get some pimples, which is not great but also could be worse) but this month it was like my body flipped out, I’ve cried three times this week over nothing and am living by painkillers and heatpatches for cramps.

I’m very happy with my new piercings though, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I’m glad I finally stopped second guessing myself because I feel fucking powerful. Being really sure about a piercing or tattoo and then finally sucking it up and doing it always makes me feel so confident, like I’m becoming more myself, which is a really cool thing to experience. However, I would encourage anybody reading this and considering getting body piercings to give yourself time to do research, as well as asking around for places that your friends trust, because it helps you know what to expect and really makes the experience go smoother overall.

All this being said, changing my shirt a bunch of times wasn’t a great experience, although it was definitely not as bad as I thought it would be.