project 365 2.0 #5 (days 48-59): yet again, cats are all that matter

day 48 (feb 15)day 48 (feb 15) – Junebug’s little teeth are so !!

day 49 (feb 16)day 49 (feb 16) – This is my current fav part of the house’s Nintendo clutter – it’s a Game Boy Micro, and it’s so tiny and pink and the “a” and “b” buttons have the same fucking font as the safe auto logo and I love it. I didn’t even know something like this existed but it was just laying around the house and it’s so cute that I want to die.

day 50 (feb 17)day 50 (feb 17) – Chinese food & encouraging fridge art.

day 51 (feb 18)day 51 (feb 18) – The package from some Weird Beer.

day 52 (feb 19)day 52 (feb 19) – Art gallery graffiti.

day 53 (feb 20)day 53 (feb 20) – The previous residents of this house (who we are renting from) left a lot of things here, including this large creepy doll and a room in the basement with stuff left over from their Y2K prep.

day 54 (feb 21)day 54 (feb 21) – This little origami fox family used to live on my desk during the extremely long internship I did last year, but now they live on my windowsill and get knocked over by cats every day.

day 55 (feb 22)day 55 (feb 22) – I wish I could have gotten this focused more but Anya wouldn’t even consider staying still long enough.

day 56 (feb 23)day 56 (feb 23) – Been bing-watching Gilmore Girls (eh, tbh) and folding up copies of monter vol. 2.

day 57 (feb 24)day 57 (feb 24) – A page out of my cat coloring book.

day 58 (feb 25)day 58 (feb 25) – Finished copies of monster vol. 2!

day 59 (feb 26)day 59 (feb 26) – Got to take a weekend visit a friend who goes to the University of Illinois, and I liked seeing their basement library from outside at night, the windows go all the way around that courtyard so it’s like closed in. I got to eat some good food and go dancing (bars are terrible and it was cold and honestly I am not big into partying as a thing with a capital P but it was good otherwise).