monthly playlist & links #5 – march 2016


Tell It To The Volcano // Miniature Tigers
girl robot // rorie kelly
I’m So Sad, So Very Very Sad // Crash and the Boys
Wildcat! // Be Your Own Pet
No Peace // Soft Lions
I Wanna Boy // PWR BTTM
Sweatpants // Childish Gambino
Flawless Remix (feat. Nicki Minaj) // Beyoncé


  • A few weeks ago I went to a math club lecture that focused on tricky, but simple, mathematical questions. One of the topics discussed was Benford’s law, a phenomenon in which a variety of real world sets of data seem to fall into a counter intuitive pattern — that the number leading digits in a set is not evenly distributed. I thought this was interesting, especially because apparently this has applications in data analysis that can be used to test the authenticity of data like election results. This website shows a number of examples of Benford’s law.
  • This is so clickbait-y, but I’m so so extremely super into this Instagram account where, among other things, this couple posts pictures of their cats watching them eat. The account is @naomiuno
  • Uncustomary put up a free zine called Color Your Clit, which you can download and scribble in
  • Here’s even more cemetery photography, because I’ obsessed. These are extra spooky, because  it’s an abandoned cemetery! (Mount Moriah Cemetery)
  • Sad Girl’s Guide has had some good posts lately, and I especially liked the guide to the post grad slump and the guide to being a cat parent.
  • This post is a review of some Japanese candy that the blogger got in Amsterdam. I know liking “Kawaii” (or whatever) stuff gets kind of a cringe-y reputation but … like … it’s so cute.
  • A German DJ called Flula makes videos remixing songs driving around in his car. Here’s one, where he brought his Mom and Dad along.