a temporary space

temporary spce

icymi, by which i mean i don’t think i’ve put this on the internet well enough for anyone to really know what’s going on unless they know me personally or hardcore stalk me, i am going through a very dramatic exciting scary period of time

in the beginning of april i threw a gigantic tantrum due to an overwhelming wave of my brain’s inability to regulate its own chemistry and moved back in with my mom because i was crying three times a day and a whole lot of other stuff that nobody in the cold void of the internet cares about. i started taking antidepressants and things got a little bit better; i somehow got A’s in all of my classes and packed up my shit (again) and drove to nebraska for my summer internship (why nebraska is another story in and of itself), bringing with me a sense of adventure and a newfound ability to force myself to eat

i moved in on sunday, and today being monday i started my internship. all of that, while overwhelming, went fairly well and even if i’m miserable here in tinytown i’m gonna be leaving in august. my roommate is super nice and seemed nervous to tell me she’s mormon, which is something i had previously guessed because she goes to BYU, and was also very endearing because i was nervous to tell her (or try to hide that) i’m a bisexual vegetarian polyamorous blogger.

we are mostly just going through the process of establishing a new routine since this is a new place, which brings us to the point of this story, which is that i am an arrogant piece of shit. because i have half of a civil engineering degree, when confronted with any sort of scenario that involves building or fixing things i instinctively act like i know what i’m doing, even when i absolutely do not. if you actually know what you’re talking about re: basic ass plumbing, you might be able to spot the source of my problems in the photo above.

coming home exhausted from my first day absorbing technical manuals about joist design, i figured i’d throw my laundry in and make buttons for my shop that say “official cat lady” and call my mom and go to bed. so i showed up and i started trying to do laundry, and the washing machine wasn’t doing the washing thing, so i peeked around to the back of it (because being good at calculus means that i have an instinctive knowledge of how household machines work, right?)

this was a big mistake. i was feeling pretty proud of the fact that i noticed the water hose thingies weren’t attached to the water dispenser thingies and screwed them in without too much incident. i started the laundry machine, walked away, made my buttons, and came back to find that i had flooded the laundry room because there’s supposed to be a whole other pipe that drains the water out into that small lil hole

but hey, i thought i could fix it

i grabbed my two towels and a blanket off my bed, soaked up maaaybe a third of the water, and then tossed those in the dryer so i could repeat this until the floor was cleaned up

but then the maintenance guy showed up and said there was a complaint from the apartment below about some flooding, and immediately after he left two women came in with a shop vac to suck up the water, for which i am extremely grateful

the thing about the cleaning staff is that they were identical twins, which in itself is not that weird (i know several sets of twins just through school) but it was kinda weird that they had seemingly made everything about them the same. same haircut same glasses same blue sweathirt/sweatpants combo same white sneakers with exactly the same amount of wear and dirt on them, and also the fact that they have the same job

anyway i guess that’s the punchline of this rambling story is that i fucked up and some extremely weird people came and fixed it, and this was definitely not the worst day of my life so everything’s fine by me