monthly playlist & links #6 – june 2016


Fireworks // Mitski
Everybody Wants to Love You // Japanese Breakfast
At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be) // Fun.
Suicide Hotline // The Prettiots
Parted Ways // Heartless Bastards
Such A Simple Plan // Math And Physics Club
Something Bad // Julia Nunes
Nothing Is Good Enough // Aimee Mann


  • This post I read last month about Brown Pet Cemetery had me in tears. Good fucking god.
  • Just a fun-to-look at photo post by rose and vintage feat. a pink haired musician that made me miss when my hair was pink.
  • In the spirit of linking to any obscure -pedias I come across, here’s emojipedia.
  • I meant to do a links post in May so this isn’t super hot news anymore, but Mitski’s music video for Your Best American Girl is everything you could hope for — plus Puberty 2 is out now, which is cool and lovely!
  • This dude I went to high school with made a music video — he was kind of a popular athletic guy (not that it ever matters after graduation) but now he’s got that mustache and filmed the video in the theater my ex-boyfriend played “the cat in the hat” in seussical jr. during summer camp so there’s that.
  • Another link to someone I barely know through the physical universe: right before I started my summer internship, one of the engineers quit to go hike the Pacific Crest Trail, and he occasionally blogs about it. I think it sounds cool as fuck but to hear the rest of the department talk about it going off and having an adventure is the stupidest thing you could possibly do.