about me

day 16 (jan 14)Hey, I’m Rori. I’m a zine-making glitter-obsessed vegetarian bisexual with a wildly unoriginal coffee habit and half of a civil engineering degree. I’ve kept a diary since the fifth grade and have filled more than 10 notebooks in that time. My cat is named Anya after the character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and my hair isn’t actually pink anymore.

This blog is, at its core, supposed to be about exploration — exploring the world, exploring your interests, and exploring yourself. I write a lot about books, music, mental health/self care, feminism, and LG[B]T+ issues, as well as posting pictures that I’ve taken of my daily life. Guides are basically my makeshift how-to manuals on these things — I try to share the things that I wish somebody had told me.

The name “thismoxy” is just a shitty thing I pulled out of my head so I would just pick something already, and I wish I’d put more thought into the name of a blog I half-suspected I’d abandon in 2013, but that’s life and I also kind of like it.

You can get in touch with me by email at thismoxy @ gmail.com.